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Oh fuck yeah!

Seems like you have a lot of potential, but you don't take time to expand on your songs. Keep it up, I've listened to it 3 times now and it's kind of annoying. Good job!!!!!!

trixelbit responds:

thanks for the creative criticism, im trying to improve on my music.


Like a really weak killwhitneydead song. Art thou fisticuffs?

Do it to me!

I've got death grip syndrome and my penis turns purple, oh fuck yeah!!!!! This shit is retarded, I'll give your dad a black eye. Fun and simple... any drunk could like it.

dragonslya responds:

what? thanks for the review though :)


Probably took you longer to upload this then it took to make. Simple and happy, but no substance. Glad you're figuring out how to use your software.

ganon95 responds:

i know how to use the software...i put "not the best thing ive made" for a reason

Sounds like it.

Annoying, but not half bad. Your next song you should sit down and take some time. Simple and boring, it sounds off... at the end it cuts off and sounds horrible.

Slaytesics responds:

Yeah, I'll probably spend some time on my next song, this is just me trying to do something light-hearted and fun :3

Also, it's trance, so it isn't supposed to change much. Also, I don't understand why the end sounds horrible, it's harmonically "correct" for lack of a better term. Message me for some more in depth stuff.


Decent beginning... then... The shit doesn't even match up. The samples/loops you used are off tempo or off beat. The song gets really muddy and doesn't make sense. Piled shit, but it's uplifting and sound original.

Good Job.

It shows you've tried.

You did it!

Yes sir you made shit. Thank the lord that shit-farms like you are around to remix bad music and make it shittier. Good job, download a midi file and making it sound like total awesomeness. High-Five!!!!!!!!!

LolIShotU responds:

If you want to make a negative review, at least make your sentences coherent.

... snooze...

You had a pretty cool effect, but it's really dull. It holds up well, but it's weak, minimal, no substance.

ALECXACE responds:

interesting it is a WIP and my objective was to capture a atmosphere of horror
I will re-upload a complete version
thnx for the review I really appreciate it
I will take your advice there is allot of substance that i can add to it :)

Hey fuck face.

It builds pretty well, I like it, everything goes together well. The song feels minimalistic, but it goes with the mood. Also it feels finished, move on, you've got better shit to come. Practice and progression leads to triumph. Good job and good fun.

Special-Ed responds:

You think so? Well finished or not, critiques help future works more than previous anyways. I did move on. after about 10-20 minutes I started a new one, and normally I put at least one day+ of work into my music, but I worked really fast on this one. It's already up!

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